About Me

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Suyen has always been fascinated by the unique features of her city, which make it such a special and valued place worldwide: the contagious joy of its people, the splendid typical regional flavors of its cuisine and  the dancing rhythm of your music.  As if that were not enough, it still has a stunning and diverse natural beauty, between sea, mountain, rainforest and an ever-present sun.  All this in the midst of a metropolis full of historical burden, having been Portuguese colony and Brazilian capital, transmitted in the local architecture and culture.
In addition to nearly 30 years of experience in the corporate and multinational market, where she has always lived within a world of diversity and became bilingual, Suyen has also built a proud career in tourism for 5 years.  At this time, she worked for luxury and boutique hotels and was hired by her clients to make their visits to Rio a unique and personalized event, especially made for them, always with the aim of making this experience the most aggregating, pleasurable and memorable possible.  She decided to further specialize in this field and use all her expertise to create Tailor Made Tours Rio, making his love for the "wonderful city" in a special business: tailor made tourism!




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